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Ludus Chaos: Vitale Rota by Mrakobulka Ludus Chaos: Vitale Rota by Mrakobulka

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☩Name: Vitale Rota

☩Gender: Male

☩Age: 194

☩Race: Devil

☩Height: 5'8ft / 177cm


- Fencing. Spade is Vitale's weapon of choice since it both allows the fencer to gain agility and holds the opponent on a distance due to it's length, unlike daggers and knives. However, he carries a long dagger as well, sometimes using it as supporting weapon. Despite being considered one of the best fencers among devils in the near past, Vitale had to let this skill go down due to the lack of recent fighting experience as with the high position he have gained he also had to replace field work with the paper one. Perhaps, he could level his skill back up pretty fast with a daily training, but he simply can not find the time to do it regularly.

- Sharp mind. Work in the city guard does not only imply fighting, but also deals with solving crimes. After years of dealing with murders, robberies, kidnapping and all the variety of crime world, Vitale had learned to pick out important details out of the little information he is given and put them together to receive a clear picture of the crime scene. Naturally this habit migrated to his daily life as well. 
- Paperwork. At some point this might be considered a talent. Vitale is capable of working with documents of various values and purposes, being able to deal with either financial papers, official letters and guard reports. The only problem he ever has with paperwork is his utter hatred for doing it.


Magic : 

Tier 2 - Arcanist - Telekinesis: Upon joining the City Guard, Vitale decided to learn this magic, considering it to be a useful addition to his fencing. However, putting a lot more time into practicing swordplay, he didn't manage to master the telekinesis, though still was able to achieve a rather decent skill in it. He can easily move light objects and can move up to 10 objects not heavier than an apple at a time. However, as the weight of the object increases, decreases the number of the objects he can move. So far he haven't managed to move one object heavier than half his weight at a time. He does not try to move objects larger than that since it make his migraine grow stronger and in worst cases may make him faint or even cost him his life.

☩Faction: Devil's Descendants

☩Class: 662 generation

Rank: Captain of the City Guard


- Spade

- Long dagger

- A flask with a herbal tea (to fight off migraines) 
- Personal seal of the Captain of the City Guard

- A runic stone for telekinesis (can't cast the spell without it)


☩Character History: Owning a small business in the field of textile and tailoring, Rota family was never wealthy enough to be considered a part of bourgeois though had a stable income and could afford living a rather comfortable life of a middle-class family. Having 7 children, they had no need in hiring servants as most of domestic work was shared between the children while the parents were busy with managing their business. However, such a big number of heirs could not come without consequences. Completely neglecting education of their four youngest children with the exception of  common skills like writing and reading, the parents put a lot of money into educating their three oldest sons that were to inherit the family business in the future. 

      Vitale was unfortunate to be the 6th child and the 4th son in the family, which gave him little chance on inheriting at least a small part of family business, therefore his parents were not concerned much about his education, focusing more on the promising eldest sons. Being left in neglect by the heads of the family and their heirs, the boy though was dearly loved by his sisters that he spent most of the time with. When Vitale was at the late teen age, his parents decided that it was high time for them to retire, letting their older sons, who were fully grown adults by that time, to lead the family business. While the oldest son had received the ownership of the family business, the other two were made his business partners. Not wishing to share their income with the rest of the children, but not being heartless enough to simply kick them out, they have decided to try gaining more influence by successfully marrying the two older sisters into families of a higher generation. As the youngest children were not old enough to be married away, the oldest sons took guardianship over their siblings until the time they could be of use to them.

      However, they have still managed to find a practical use for Vitale, making him work for them as a regular employee. They have taught him to manage the paperwork and left him in charge of dealing with financial documents under their strict control, always reminding him of his place and of how much did he owe them, and how he will be thankful to them in future for teaching him the art of trade. As a few years have passed, Vitale got fed up with their attitude and quit both his job and the family. He have given the major part of the earnings he gained through those years to his youngest sister in order to let her have a dowry big enough for finding a husband she herself would wish to marry.

      Having little money left for himself and no means for further income, Vitale decided to take up a career completely opposite to trade and joined the city guard. It proved to be a harsh choice in the beginning, since Vitale had absolutely no military training before. Having to start from the very basics, he trained together with other young recruits for several years before the effort he put into practicing fencing started to pay off. By the time he became a young adult, Vitale had already earned a good reputation among higher officers and as the time passed, he was gradually getting higher and higher in rank himself.

      At this moment of time he had already climbed up to the rank of the Captain of the City Guard, even though he is taking this position for a relatively short time. He did not make up with his family with the exception of his sisters, whom he's being a frequent guest to in their new families. Having to strive so hard for his current position, Vitale is more than eager on keeping it, which actually has a negative effect on the man and his nerves, as the fear of possible failure forces him to completely sacrifice himself to his work and makes him suffer from constant migraines caused by his paranoid and overly pessimistic nature.



- pessimistic

- Introvert

- grumpy

- worry-wart

- paranoid

- overly pedantic

- easily offended

- whiny at times

+ level-headed

+ sharp-mided

+ respectful


+ conscientious

+ modest

Vitale is a man with a moderate sense of justice, who, considering the social structure and the devils' lifestyle, won't feel guilt in 'closing eyes' at some unjust deeds happening in the God's Reach, as long as it doesn't threaten the safety of the people within. Despite of being quite pessimistic and grumpy, which may seem to be irritating to most people, he does not let these flaws of his to affect his attitude towards other people and acts respectfully both to his superiors and subordinates, as long as he considers them to be worthy of his respect. Seeming to be collected and calm on the outside, in fact he is easily to be thrown off and put in a state of panic. Having a nervous personality by nature, he tends to over think and overview everything in every little detail, scared of the only thought of making a mistake. Such pedantic way of dealing with literally everything had turned Vitale into an ever hurting ball of nerves, making him have constant migraines, caused by even a slightest worry, and making him feel paranoid about losing his position. This paranoia had also caused him to take every offense very personally, however, being a level-headed person, he prefers to give those who had offended him a cold shoulder rather than pouring a raging fire on them.


+ His sisters. The only members of his family he still holds connection to, often visiting them and his little nephews.

+ Soft beds. Just... very.. soft.. beds..

+ Herbal teas. The only thing that saves him from his migraines.
+ Clothing. He's being very picky about his own and has a good taste. What else would you expect from a son of a tailor?

+ Fencing. It's a sort of meditation for him. He regrets not being able to practice it a lot often lately.

- His brothers. Though he admits he would have grown up into a worse person if he didn't have those bastards around to show him an example of what he wouldn't want to be.

- His parents. Not like he dislikes them. He simply treats them as strangers as he never felt their presence in his life.

- Marriage. He is utterly against the idea of starting a family of his own, considering marriage only to be another tool of trade. Besides, he doesn't believe he'd ever find a woman he'd wish to marry.

- Paperwork. It's a curse that follows him throughout his entire life.

Character and APP sheet (c) :iconmrakobulka:

:iconludus-chaos: (c) :iconneonbluh:

faction logo (c) :iconkei-renzo:

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