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August 15, 2012
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ACD: Susar by Mrakobulka ACD: Susar by Mrakobulka
Big thanks to :iconsgtrebel: for inviting u v u

a bigger reference -----> [link]

▫ Name: Susar Karshev

▫ Age: 25

▫ Gender: Male

▫ Height: 5'8

▫ Birthplace: Outskirts of Russia

▫ Rank: Servitore

▫ Stats:
HP 4
STR 5+3=8
DEF 2+8=10
DEX 5+9=14
AGI 9+12=21

▫ Likes:
-Smell of gunpowder
-More money
-Easy women

▫ Dislikes:
-Easy women
-Feminine men
-Having no money
-Religious people

▫ Personality:
-Arrogant - he's just full of himself, that's it
-Ambitious - he's ready to do anything to get to a higher spot
-Disciplined - he knows that if you want to punch a higher up in the face, you should first get to their level
-Sensible - smart enough to keep himself out of unneccessary problem
-Sexist - he likes strong-willed women, but as long as they don't try to do "man's job"
-Untrustworthy - just.. don't hope that he'll cover you back when needed... he'd better loot your corpse later
-Unless you've made a miracle and managed to get close to Susar. things he holds dear he protects to the end

▫ Biography: He was born and spent all of his childhood among the Cossacks. Being tought how to shoot before he could even speak properly,
Susar was brought up in a tough atmosphere. Violent robbers and brave warriors, cossacks had a rather bipolar way of life. While they were wild
and free of any obligations to any king, they also had a strong hierarchy among themselves and unbreakable laws(sometimes incredibly cruel laws).
As much as Susar enjoyed this style of life in his youth, with age he started to understand that it was not exactly how he wanted his life to be.
Being a robber for the rest of his life didn't seem to be a bright perspective, even if he would eventually become chieftain in future.
eventually he started to get sick of people surrounding him, especially by the way how religious they were despite of their occupation.
He wanted to do and see more than that and that was why he left cossacks, trying to find a way to please his ambitions. During his searches
learned of the Templars and decided that joining the Order could be just the right way to achieve what he wanted.

▫ Additional information:
-Can play domra, but also started to learn playing mandolin while travelling through europe. Because ladies fall for serenades.
-Doesn't like to hurt women or children but can easily do so if it's in his interest.
-He personally doesn't give a fuck about the Creed and assassins.
-If he dislikes something or someone it is expressed more in a mocking way than agressive.
-Has a heavy russian accent.

▫ Equipment: Scimitar, Throwing Knives, Matchlock Pistol
▫ Storage: none

▫ Current Florins: 4,995
▫ Total Florins: 12,695

Susar (c) me
:iconac-doctrina: (c) :iconmirusoup:
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GreenyOnly Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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Mrakobulka Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Mrakobulka Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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